BB Rig Graphic

I was asked to do a shot for a BMW car commercial where the camera pulls out through the windscreen to reveal a head up display. In order to fit through the very low windscreen of a 6 series BMW Cabriolet the rig had to be very small.

BB Rig Packed for shippingBB Rig Packed for shippingBB Rig Packed for shipping

Stuart Graham described it as “above average” and it performed faultlessly on the various car jobs we have done with it since.

BB Head on KT dollyBB head with Red EpicBB Rig Packed for shipping

We developed the equipment into a small motion control rig that can be easily flown as excess baggage. In it's smallest incarnation with the Mantis Software from BFG motion the rig takes up just the two cases you see here. For tracking a variety of sliders from 75cm to 3meters are available and they go happily in a skis type bag for air freighting.

The head can be used in conjunction with the the regular dolly and track. or rigged almsot anywhere. To keep the weight down the head is engineered for each camera as required. The picture shown has it used with a Red Epic camera but we can machine new parts for use with almost any small camera (C300/C500 F3 DSLRS etc.)

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