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The main premise behind all of our 'Portable Motion Control' products is 'compatibility'.

Our equipment is organised into different 'kits' but most of it is modular and thus interchangeable.

For speed, any of the parts can be used singularly, for example if all you require is a repeatable zoom then we can provide this, if you just need a repeatable head on your regular dolly this can easily be done as well.

In addition to the equipment listed here we have all sorts of bits of grip equipment, aluminium tube, clamps, mounts etc. Additional mounts can also be made up by our usual engineers for a very reasonable cost. If you don't see what you need here then please call as it's often very simple to make things up.

Our regular fixed fee includes any and ALL of the equipment listed below and for most shoots so far this equipment will fit into a Land Rover. We have travelled to New Zealand, South Africa, the US, Europe, Iceland, Scotland & Acton with almost everything you see here in these pictures below, I also have many top DoP's & directors who can vouch for our work & ability to eat biscuits.

Equipment>Motion Control>KT-RIG Kit

Just a small sample of the setups you can do with the KT RigThis is my “standard” Kit, optimised for general use. It includes a pan and tilt head, a dolly that runs on regular dolly track & a slider that can also be used as a vertical lift. We can setup most of the configurations that can be achieved with a normal Fisher or Chapman type dolly. I have yet to find a camera that will not fit on it, certainly it has no problem with heavy Vistavision cameras and will carry an Arri 535,1000ft magazine and Optimo lens with ease, or even most 3D rigs be they HD or film. As you can see from the animation there are a miriad of mounting options. All that production needs to supply is some regular dolly track and a camera (assuming you are not using ours).

Equipment>Motion Control>KT-RIG Kit>Slider

Slider as a liftSlider attached to Waterloo BridgeSlider in a Range Rover

Equipment>Motion Control>KT-RIG Kit>Controller

Kuper RigFat Boy in a Honda

Equipment>Motion Control>BB-RIG BB-RIG PAGE

BB Rig Packed for shippingBBrig Graphic

Head with EpicHead with a canon 5D

Head with Epic

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