Universal Sync Box

Universal Sync Box

I've been looking for a solution to the sync problems that we experience with Red cameras and DSLRS with video capability for some time. The problem is that the video outputs are buffered so simply stripping the sync from the SDI, HDMI or Composite outputs will not work as the relationship between the image reseting on the chip and output changes .. (often without reseting the camera). I wanted to get a simple film style sync pulse for the Kuper system.

My idea is based on the old "POM" checker to check sync sound. The LED's light in sequence once per frame, see this very bad camera phone video.

In this video the leds are running at 1FPS, the kuper rig takes a while to achive sync lock due to the slow speed. The blue light is "TDC" or Top dead centre or shutter fully closed, when this light is lit the sync pulse is sent to the Kuper rig.

In use you set the frame rate on the CE PSC and then turn over the camera .. then use the "Phase" facility on the CE PSC while looking at a monitor to line up the leds at the bottom of the display. When you have the correct phase and the kuper rig is Sync Locked, then you run the motion control pass.

This will not give you frame sync as it is generally understood .. but it will keep the camera and the rig synced for the duration of a take.

When I made this I was unaware that Steve Switaj of Flying Wombat Industries had already made one and he was selling them .. So if you want to buy one please bug him and not me!

Wobats Link

Construction Pictures

Universal Sync Box Universal Sync Box Universal Sync Box Universal Sync Box Universal Sync Box Universal Sync Box Universal Sync Box

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